Investing in Iraq: Real Estate and Latest Technology

Iraq’s leading startup media platform, Iraqi Innovators, and the Iraqi Embassy in London, organised the conference titled “Investing in Iraq”, which took place at the Arab British Chamber of Commerce in London. the event provided a platform for the Iraqi diaspora in the UK to explore opportunities in Iraq’s booming Real Estate and Technology sectors.

The three-hour conference built on the momentum of the January 2024 Taqat Forum, which aimed to bridge gaps between Iraq and the UK and foster collaboration in key industries like E-commerce, Fintech, and Health. Sponsored by “Bayt Iraqi,” a real estate platform, the event attracted a diverse audience eager to engage in discussions and exchange ideas.

Zahra Shah, Founder of Iraqi Innovators, opened the event with updates on Iraq’s economic landscape, including the Saudi-Iraqi Investment Company, the e-governance initiative, and the $17 billion Road Development project set to create 100,000 jobs.

Following the conclusion of the event, with a Q&A session, many attendees left wanting to be more involved in the Iraqi investment landscape.

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