International Women's Day: Women Producers Exhibition at Dijlah Touristic Village

On the Friday of March 8th 2024, woman worldwide came together to honour International Women’s Day. In the heart of Baghdad’s Dijlah Touristic Village, a group of enterprising women curated an event: the Women’s Producers Exhibition and Bazaar.

Womens Producers Exhibition and Bazaar.

Led by Zahraa Al Ali and Ola Al Khafaji, the exhibition showcases an array of household crafts, from intricate knitting and embroidery to captivating artistic paintings and calligraphy. Every corner of the bazaar boasts the skilled handiwork of women artisans, with sculptures depicting the rich heritage of Iraq adding a touch of tradition to the contemporary gathering. 

Zahraa Al Adli and Ola Al Khafaji.

Throughout the month of Ramadan, the exhibition will continue to serve as a hub of cultural celebration and community engagement. It will be hosting traditional folk performances such as “Majina” and other Iraqi cultural delights. The exhibition is not only a display of talent, but most importantly, a platform for Iraqi women to come together and support one another. 

 Handmade sculptures depicting Iraq’s heritage.
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