International Women’s Day celebrated in Babylon

In Babylon, at Al Mustaqbal university colleage, a large festival was held with a special bazaar in which the focus was on the most important achievements in the social, economic, cultural and political fields, and an emphasis on equality based on gender.

Mona Hamed, an attendee at the festival, said: “The Iraqi woman is an example for all women in the world because she was exposed to many situations, whether the wars fought by the previous regime, which reflected on the reality of women because of the loss of a brother, father, son, and husband as a result of those wars, in addition to the repercussions of the economic situation.” However, despite this, she remained supportive of her brother, the man, and did not bow to the norms of time. Rather, she overcame the challenges and began working in various sectors, and was able to achieve important success and achievements,” pointing out that “the Iraqi woman is still the epitome of sacrifice and an example to be followed in all times and must be followed.” The state pays special attention to it, especially in the field of education, and gives it more opportunity to learn, because it is the environment that establishes the building of society and is responsible for raising generations.”

Journalist Nidal Ali of the Babylon Development Foundation, said that “through her work in the profession of trouble, she sees wonderful examples of Iraqi women, especially during the war against the terrorist Daesh,” adding, “The women used to donate their jewelry to support the security forces, in addition to urging their husbands and children In order to volunteer to defend the land and honor, and of course the son, husband and brother are the dearest possessions of a woman, but she was the one who encouraged the fight against terrorism.

And she continued, “Iraqi women were patient, endured, and were able to overcome difficulties during the period of fighting the terrorist ISIS, and it was a blessing to help the man until victory and the exit of ISIS in the guise of shame and betrayal, so the mother is still present, giving the pulse in our society, and the Iraqi mother must be honored on International Women’s Day because she is still in conflict.” She continues with the battlefield of life, and she is steadfast with all strength and giving, and is able to lead her family properly.”

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