Insights from the IBBC’s Agritech Committee

The Iraq Britain Business Council inaugurated the Agritech Committee at the Royal Overseas League, to develop the agricultural sector in Iraq. This conference encompasses technology that seeks to address agricultural challenges and tap into opportunities in a bid to modernise and unlock the country’s rich potential.

During discussions, participants emphasised the integration of precision farming technologies tailored to Iraq’s unique climatic and geographical conditions. They highlighted the importance of optimising water usage, mitigating soil degradation, and improving crop yields across diverse regions.

Among the attendees at the inaugural meeting were not only members of the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) but also representatives from AAA Holdings, HHP Law, Stirling Education, Turnkey and Al Maseer Insurance, Mr Mohammed Majid Al Saaid of Sama Hammurabi Law, Financiers such as Mr Laith Allawi of Saracen, from Government; the Agriculture ministry in Iraq: Deputy Minister Mr Mahdi Sahar Ghailan,  Mr Talib Chasib Lafta Director General, Dr Ahmed Khalid, head of economics at the Embassy of Iraq in UK,  from the UK- Ms Eleanor Mardlin of UKs DBT, and a number of expert agriculturalists including Mr Shamal Mohammed of Silal in UAE, Mr William Rickard of AGtelligence, as confirmed by the IBBC.

With its collective commitment to innovation and sustainable development, the Agritech Business Forum sets a precedent for transformational change, anticipating a new era of prosperity and resilience in Iraq’s agricultural landscape.

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