Inauguration of the Captain Fareed Foundation

The Captain Fareed Development and Innovation Foundation, named after Fareed Lafta, the Iraqi pilot and athlete who has appeared in Guinness World Records for participating in the first skydive above Mount Everest, celebrated its inauguration. This marks a historic moment as it is Iraq’s first institution dedicated to aviation and space. Situated in the esteemed Mansour Theatre of Baghdad, the event drew a distinguished assembly of attendees, including government officials, military leaders, parliamentarians, and representatives from diverse sectors of society.

Captain Fareed Lafta alongside some attendees.

In his address, Captain Fareed Lafta articulated a stance against the notion of impossibility. He believes that those who harbour aspirations for success and champion the power of will, intellect, and knowledge, do not recognise any limitations. Despite the challenges inherent in space exploration, Captain Lafta asserted that with determination, the boundaries of possibility are continually pushed. The fruition of the foundation stands as a testament to the perseverance and collaboration of all stakeholders, serving to elevate Iraq’s standing on the global stage.

Captain Fareed Lafta making his speech.

Captain Lafta further highlighted the profound significance of aviation as a way for realising dreams and fostering a profound connection between humanity, the earth, and the sky. He emphasised the invaluable lessons inherent in the aviation profession, including resilience, patience, and the spirit of exploration and passion.

Attendees of the Captain Fareed Foundation inauguration.

Concluding his remarks, Captain Lafta issued a call to action, rallying all participants to offer their support, proposals, and contributions to enrich and fortify the foundation’s endeavours for the betterment of Iraq. This occasion not only signifies an achievement in Iraq’s pursuit of aerospace excellence, but also underscores the nation’s unwavering commitment to progress and innovation.

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