Improved Red Buses to Ease Congestion

The Ministry of Transport is actively working to enhance Baghdad’s mass transit system by improving the red bus lines, aiming to provide efficient and reliable transportation for the city’s residents. This initiative seeks to reduce congestion, improve overall mobility, and address environmental concerns.

Integral to this effort are the widely acclaimed red buses, imported from King Long, a reputable Chinese manufacturer. King Long began exporting these buses in 2015 with an initial shipment of 313 units, a number that was subsequently increased to meet growing demand. This collaboration not only significantly enhanced Baghdad’s public transportation system but also marked a notable advancement in Sino-Iraqi relations, paving the way for expanded cooperation across various sectors.

Key initiatives from the Ministry include expanding routes to ensure broader coverage across Baghdad, making it easier for residents to access even the city’s rural areas. The Ministry is also increasing the frequency of red bus services to reduce waiting times and offer a more convenient option for daily commuters who might otherwise rely on taxis. Additionally, the fleet is being modernized with newer, more comfortable buses equipped with modern amenities to enhance the commuting experience.

Efforts are underway to integrate the red bus lines with other modes of transport, such as trains and private transportation services, creating a seamless transit network. To encourage the use of public transport over private vehicles, the Ministry is conducting awareness campaigns to inform the public about the benefits and improvements of the red buses.

These initiatives form part of a broader strategy to improve public transportation infrastructure in Baghdad, with the objectives of reducing traffic congestion, lowering pollution levels, and providing a more sustainable mode of transport for the city’s population.

Source: Ministry of Transport 

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