IINA and Impress Conduct a Training Course in Photojournalism in Karbala

The Iraq International News Agency, in partnership with the Karbala Institute for Media Development, and in collaboration with the UCMT.IQ Media Training Institute and Impress Association in the United Kingdom, proudly announces a specialised, training course in Photojournalism.

This unique opportunity welcomes participants to attend the course in person, providing an internationally recognised participation certificate upon successful completion. The inaugural day of the course was marked by comprehensive sessions covering fundamental aspects of photojournalism standards. The presentations were delivered by professionals including news editor Yasmine Goumri from the IINA London office, who shared insights online, and Dr. Susan Hameed, director of the agency’s office in Iraq, offering essential in-person guidance.

With a commitment to fostering journalistic excellence and skill development, this collaborative initiative endeavours to equip aspiring photojournalists with the requisite knowledge and expertise. By leveraging the collective resources and expertise of partnering institutions, the course aims to empower participants to capture the essence of stories through the lens, contributing meaningfully to the world of journalism.

The Iraq International News Agency aims to implement this course in the rest of the Iraqi governorates in an effort to provide make journalism more accessible and provide opportunities to people around Iraq.

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