IINA and Impress Run a Training Course in Photojournalism

The International Iraq News Agency, collaborated with the Al-Bashir Foundation for Development and the Independent Monitor for the Press CIC in the United Kingdom. Along with the participation of the College of Mass Communication at the University of Baghdad, under the direct supervision of the Communications and Media Commission. The course theory was run from the 14th to the 15th of December 2023.

The number of participants interested to take part in the course for photography and media reached 20. The first training consisted of two theoretical parts for two days, in which an expert from London, Elika Bozorgi, lectured via video call. Also, professional photographers Diya Hussein Alewi and Firas Hamid Karim helped with the distribution of certificates after the first part of the training. The second part of the course is a practical training which lasts for a period of three months under the supervision of experts from London. The participants will be paid for four articles per week with the aim of motivating them to continue, and providing them with the skills that qualify to work in the journalistic and media field.

Dr. Suzan Hamid, Director of the Agency’s office in Iraq, stated that the agency always seeks to highlight the bright and positive side of Iraq and will rely, through this session, on the eyes and lens of the people of Iraq and their assistance to show Iraq and Baghdad its true and beautiful side.

The Iraq International News Agency seeks to implement this course in the rest of the Iraqi governorates in an effort to provide opportunities for job seekers, as well as the ultimate goal of showing all Iraqi governorates to the world.

We wish all participants success and hope to see their creativity on the agency’s website soon.

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