IBBC Inaugural Meeting of the Agritech Committee


The Iraq British Business Council (IBBC) brings together business, trade and investment from the UK and international companies, for the benefit of Iraq and its members. The IBBC organised their first meeting of the Agritech committee, which involved a range of experts on agriculture and Agritech, as well as financial investors and a few members of the government. 

In an exclusive interview with Communications Consultant Ashley Goodall, he highlights that the meeting is an essential initial step in understanding the condition of the soil in Iraq to be able to work with it and make decisions on what can be done with it. He talks of the future plans that are being considered and discussed in terms of testing and utilising Iraq’s soil. The use of technology and AI is an important factor in recognising the kind of assistance farmers will need in different areas of Iraq.

Mr Goodall states that the UK is currently in a particularly good position when it comes to agriculture due to their advanced agricultural techniques. Therefore, setting up this meeting and working with the UK is a promising step towards agricultural improvements in Iraq. 

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