“I Am Iraqi… I Read” Festival Shines in Baghdad

Baghdad – (iina) The annual festival “I Am Iraqi… I Read” kicked off in the gardens of Abu Nawas Street in Baghdad. This festival is an annual gathering of cultural and civic events, in collaboration with government institutions showcasing their publications and activities.

The event witnessed a remarkable attendance of children and included the distribution of over 40,000 books to attendees, along with some authors signing their latest releases. The exhibition attracted a diverse audience from various segments of Iraqi society.

The festival features many activities, such as painting, poetry, music, singing, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration. This cultural platform plays a significant role in promoting reading and combating extremist ideas.

The significance of the festival is evident in a time witnessing a resurgence in the number of readers in Iraq, contributing to strengthening the relationship of the new generations with books. The festival’s popularity noticeably grows year after year, highlighting its effective role in enriching the cultural landscape of the country.

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