Gherai’at plant nursery

Plant nurseries in Iraq are increasing in popularity as demand is rising.
Many of these plant nurseries, are situated in Gherai’at, located in the governorate of Baghdad. The majority of the population in this area works in the agricultural sector due to the favourable weather conditions.

Photos of Al-Salsabeel Nursery in Gherai’at, show a variety of plants available to the public, attracting both locals and tourists. Some of the most popular plants include date palms, which are source of the staple celebratory fruit, similar to other fruit trees such as pomegranate, citrus and fig trees. These are the source of income of many people in the region. However, that is not to say that only plants for consumption are popular, as there is a variety of ornamental plants available for the decorative purposes, such as colourful flowers, shrubs and trees as pictured below.

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