Foreign fashion and diverse tastes on display in Baghdad Mall

As Iraq’s development continues, as does its internationalisation and the diversification of available goods and services. In Baghdad, the Baghdad Mall is a prime expample of such development. A mighty building featuring a multi-storey glass front, the mall is home to countless retailers, an arcade, food hall and cinema. The mall serves as a defining mark of progress, not just in the retail and consumer sphere, but in Iraq’s willingness to adapt to world trends and interests.

Photographs taken this week on behalf of the Iraq International News Agency show general views of the mall, including flagship stores of the foreign fashion brands Lacoste and Puma, an Italian tailors and in the food court, a pizzeria. Equally at home in the mall are stores selling domestic products; including perfumes and jewellery.  In front of the mall, which sits on a bustling road, a large, lit fountain provides a place to rest below large screens advertising the mall’s brands.

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