Extension of Green Spaces in Baghdad

The Baghdad Municipality expands its green spaces project and plant more trees along the city’s streets, a move aimed at improving air quality and reducing pollution. Given the extreme heat experienced in Iraq, this initiative promises to bring cooler air and create spaces where residents can relax and find an escape from the heat.

The introduction of more green spaces and trees in Baghdad will significantly impact climate change mitigation. These green areas will help create a sustainable environment for the citizens of Iraq, promoting better health and well-being in the long term. The trees will not only cool the air but also reduce the urban heat island effect, making the city more liveable.

Moreover, trees and other vegetation play a crucial role in stormwater management. They absorb rainwater, which reduces runoff and decreases the risk of flooding. This natural management of stormwater can alleviate the burden on the city’s drainage systems, preventing waterlogging and related issues.

In summary, the tree planting initiative along Baghdad’s streets is an effective strategy to mitigate the heat. This project will improve the city’s climate overall, making it a healthier and more comfortable place for its residents. The benefits of this green initiative extend beyond immediate cooling effects, fostering a more sustainable, resilient, and vibrant urban environment for future generations.

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