Explore Baghdad’s Kidz Dream City

Baghdad’s “Kidz Dream City” is an enchanting place where children’s imaginations come alive. This vibrant city is a haven for young dreamers, designed to spark their creativity and nurture their aspirations. From the moment children step foot into Dream City, they are greeted by colourful streets and captivating murals.

This city, catered to children’s dreams and entertainment needs, features numerous interactive workshops where children can explore various fields of interest, such as art, science, music, and storytelling. These workshops are led by passionate mentors who inspire and guide children in their chosen pursuits. In addition to the usual activities available, every Thursday and Friday Kidz Dream City holds special events and competition, allowing children to showcase their skills and abilities.

Kidz Dream City not only has modern arcades with the latest games, but also a vast library filled with books from around the world, opening doors to different cultures and knowledge. It is not a surprise that so many families in Iraq are so eager to take their younger members to this city as it is not only fun but also allows them to develop their curiosity and passion for learning.

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