Experience Iraq: Vibrant Produce, Local Flavour

Produce markets in Iraq are vibrant hubs of daily life, offering a rich array of fresh fruits and vegetables. Found in cities and towns across the country, these markets are essential for both local economies and household sustenance. Vendors display colourful assortments of seasonal produce, including dates, pomegranates, figs, tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplants, reflecting Iraq’s agricultural diversity.

Citrus fruits displayed in crates

Farmers often bring their goods directly from rural areas, with the Kurdistan region recently becoming the main exporter for produce to the rest of Iraq, ensuring that shoppers receive the freshest items. These markets not only provide essential food items but also preserve traditional practices and support local farmers.

Customers and vendors in the market

The reliance on local produce helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with imported goods, promoting sustainability. Despite environmental challenges, Iraqi produce markets continue to thrive, highlighting the resilience and resourcefulness of the local communities.

Green apples priced at ‘500 (IQD) per kilo’ are approximately 0.40 USD per kg

Undeterred by the challenges posed by recent droughts, fruits and vegetables from Iraq’s Mesopotamian region continue to be preferred in both Iraq and neighbouring countries. The intense heat has contributed to their enhanced flavour and sweetness, making them highly sought-after commodities. Despite the economic and climatic adversities faced by farmers, the produce markets of Iraq remain resilient and vibrant, serving as crucial economic nodes and cultural touchstones within their communities. As Iraq navigates through agricultural challenges, wtih Ministers exploring the newest technology in the agricultural field, the enduring popularity of Made in Iraq produce highlights the rich agricultural heritage and the resourcefulness of its farming communities in adapting to changing environmental conditions.

Abundant assortments of vegetables
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