Empowering Iraqi Women: Insights from Dr. Sabah Al-Tameemi

In an exclusive interview with the Iraq International News Agency, the chairwoman of the Iraqi Council for Business Women, professor of Political Science and former Parliamentary member Dr. Sabah Al-Tameemi, shared her insights on women’s empowerment and national progress, as well as her contribution to the Conference on Women and Dialogue of Civilisations.

Discussing the purpose of the conference, she explained that it aimed to showcase the capabilities and resilience of Iraqi women, both on a national and international level. The event featured women from various countries, including Palestine, Sudan, and Denmark.

Dr. Al-Tameemi emphasized the importance of women’s economic and political empowerment, highlighting the many challenges they have faced. She stressed that the development of societies relies on the inclusion of women’s contributions, asserting that women possess the intellectual capacity to contribute significantly to various fields. Through empowerment, training, and qualification, she believes women can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Iraq and beyond.

In this interview, Dr. Al-Tameemi highlights the vital role of women in society and the need to provide them with opportunities for growth and leadership. Her dedication to women’s advancement resonates not only in Iraq but also on the global stage.

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