IoT Kids: Educating Children on New Technology

IoT KIDS, founded in 2016, is a leading Iraqi EdTech and online programming education platform that aims to teach kids coding, robotics, AI and 3D modeling. The organisation’s goal is to guide younger students aged between 8 to 15, to use modern technology in the most innovative and efficient ways. The company recently introduced online teaching as well as its own App, to become more accessible to more students, hoping to expand beyond Iraq to expand its platform to the Middle Eastern region.

IoT uses educational toys and tools engage children in interactive learning experiences as well as devices, like tablets and smartboards, to provide access to vast educational resources, interactive lessons, and virtual simulations, fostering creativity and critical thinking among young learners.

As IoT continues to advance in Iraq, the development of children is being positively impacted. In the long term, this technology hinders smartphone addiction and enabling safer journeys, interactive learning, and empowering experiences for the next generation, laying the foundation for a brighter future.

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