€10m contribution from Germany towards Iraq’s stabilisation announced

In a statement made today by the United Nations Development Programme, it was announced that the Federal Republic of Germany has made a €10m contribution through the UNDP’s flagship programme, the Funding Facility for Stabilisation. The contribution was formalised by the Minister of State at the Federal Office Tobias Linder. The contribution adds to prior made by Germany, now totalling over $575m made by the federal republic. The UNDP announced their intention to utilise the funds to improve public infrastructure and services.

“Working alongside the Government of Iraq, UNDP has completed over 3,400 critical stabilization projects including restoring essential services, supporting livelihoods building municipal capacity and strengthened community-based reintegration. Our efforts in 2023 will further focus on addressing the critical needs, priority locations and sectors, to safeguard the hard-won stabilization gains made since 2015 to ensure a sustainable transition,” says Auke Lootsma, Resident Representative, UNDP Iraq. 

“We are grateful to our long-standing partner Germany for their timely contribution towards stabilization in Iraq. Through this support, Germany has prioritized the wellbeing and prosperity of Iraqi communities and I applaud them for their continued leadership,” adds Auke Lootsma.   Germany’s Minister of State, Dr. Tobias Lindner, comments, “When it was set up, few had foreseen what success the Funding Facility for Stabilization would become. Over the past seven years, the Facility has proven instrumental in safeguarding the gains made against ISIL through civilian means. It was such a success that its model has been emulated in other conflict settings across the Middle East and Africa. With this contribution, Germany underscores its commitment to the stability of Iraq, who will now need take over responsibility for much of the work which has so far been conducted through UNDP’s Facility.”  

In mid-2015, UNDP established the Funding Facility for Stabilization to assist the Government in rebuilding Iraq after the ISIL conflict. The Facility works with the Government of Iraq and local actors to ensure safe, dignified and voluntary returns and to lay the foundation for reintegrating displaced populations into the community.   With the generous support of international partners, the Facility has mobilized over US$ 1.55 billion from 29 donors and the Government of Iraq. This collective effort demonstrates the international community’s solidarity with Iraq.

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