Dr Amet Selman’s keynote speech to IFA (International fertilizer association) in Singapore

Dr Amet Selman’s keynote speech to IFA (International Fertilizer Association) in Singapore. Nourishing the Planet, Powering the Future- aligning agribusiness with global trends.

Ahead of his keynote speech to the IFA at their global conference in Singapore, Dr Amet Selman CEO of AAA Holdings, will speak on the importance of supporting global food security and managing vital resources, such as phosphates, and the need to optimise efficiency, sustainability and to minimise environmental impact. He will call for the IFA to remain adaptive and agile to navigate regulatory landscapes and align the industry’s goals with longer term challenges, while seizing new opportunities.

The Asia Pacific region is central to these changes with its diverse policies, economic and trade shifts that impact our operations. The way forward for AAA holdings in particular is to engage with stakeholders and foster strong relationships.

Dr Selman will say ‘At AAA Holding Group, we understand that supporting global food security is intrinsically linked to managing vital resources, particularly phosphates in agriculture. As leaders in the fertiliser industry, we focus on maximising efficiency, ensuring sustainability, and minimising environmental impact.

“Nourishing the Planet, Powering the Future” is our guiding principle. It reflects our commitment to advancing food security, responsibly managing resources, and contributing to a sustainable future for all.’

AAA holdings are also hosting visitors from the Government of Iraq, and the IBBC (Iraq Britain Business Council Agritech committee, led by Dr Selman) with whom they are working to support the evolution and modernisation of Iraqi Agriculture. In the summer, a white paper on the opportunities for Agritech in Iraq will be published by IBBC, authored by Dr Shamal Mohammed, director of Abu Dhabi’s Silal company, and the IBBC committee will be committing to a pilot on the evaluation of Iraq’s various soils and their condition.

Source: Iraq Britain Business Council

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