Development Project at the Historical Al-Saray Street

Adjacent to the renowned Al-Mutanabbi Street in Iraq, the Al-Saray Market axis and the Al-Safir Mosque form part of an ambitious project by the Baghdad Municipality focused on developing and restoring historical buildings in the area. This development initiative aims not only to preserve Iraq’s rich heritage but also to attract tourists to its culturally and historically significant sites.

The Baghdad Municipality, in collaboration with the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, leads this initiative. The project highlights a community-wide effort to maintain and enhance the ancient buildings and cultural heritage of Iraq, which are viewed as treasures. The Al-Saray Market, in particular, is a symbol of the historical essence of the city, offering a glimpse into Iraq’s rich past and vibrant culture.

Through these efforts, the development project seeks to breathe new life into historical structures, ensuring they remain essential parts of the community. By preserving these sites, the initiative not only honours Iraq’s historical gift but also aims to foster a sense of pride among its citizens and provide an enriching experience for visitors. The historical environment of the Al-Saray Market, along with other culturally significant landmarks, reflects the depth and diversity of Iraq’s offerings, inviting both locals and tourists to explore and appreciate the country’s unique heritage.

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