Cordoba Bridge Completion Marks Success in Iraq’s “Year of Achievement”

As part of the state program “Year of Achievement in Iraq,” the international construction company Altcom successfully completed ahead of schedule the construction of a multi-level complex of road structures in Baghdad.

Pillars from the newly constructed Cordoba bridge

Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, the bridge showcases sleek lines and innovative construction methods. Its completion signifies not only a practical solution for easing traffic congestion but also a statement of Baghdad’s commitment to modernisation and efficiency.

New traffic lights installed to redirect traffic

Despite the fact that this project is located outside the zone of seismic activity, Altcom applied a set of measures during design and construction to protect structures from earthquakes, dynamic loads from a possible underground subway and the impact of heavy ground transport at high temperatures.

New roads being used underneath the bridge

The start of construction was also preceded by significant work on the “zero” cycle of the project. Altcom took into account the presence of a possible underground historical cultural layer in the excavation site, and using the Ultra-sonic approach, carried out the renovation of all underground communications: electricity, water supply, communications and sewerage systems, this makes the project stand out even more as it was completed 70 days earlier than scheduled.

In a statement from Altcom, the Ukrainian company expressed its deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Government of Iraq and personally to the Prime Minister of Iraq Mr. Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, Minister of Construction Mr. Bangen Rekani and Director of the Department of Roads and Bridges Mr. Hussain Jasim.

Altcom banner stating the duration of the bridge construction took 200 days
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