CMC meets with the Ooredoo, Zain Group, and Omantel in Barcelona

Dr. Ali Moayyed, the head of Iraq’s Communications and Media Commission (CMC), met with key executives from prominent telecom entities, including Ooredoo, Zain Group, and Omantel at the 2024 International Mobile Phones Conference (MWC) in Barcelona. Their primary objective centred on fostering heightened competition and ensuring enhanced mobile services accessibility throughout Iraq.

The discussions primarily revolved around strategies to ensure access to high-quality mobile services at competitive rates, particularly in remote regions. Deliberations encompassed prospective investments in cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, with a view to strengthening Iraq’s telecommunications infrastructure.

Dr. Moayyed explained that Iraq wants to create a fair market for telecom companies. He wants to see these companies grow, invest in Iraqi talent, and improve services for everyone in the country. The MWC serves as an important forum, uniting global leaders, regulatory bodies, and government officials to deliberate on the latest advancements in mobile technology. For Iraq, participation in such events facilitates valuable insights, promoting knowledge exchange and showcasing the nation’s strides in telecommunications development.

Iraq’s endeavours emphasise a dedicated pursuit of heightened telecom competitiveness and expanded accessibility. Through engagements like MWC 2024, Iraq endeavours to push its telecommunications sector towards a future characterised by greater connectivity and inclusive technological progress.

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