CMC Announces an Operation Monitoring Media Performances During Voting Days

The Head of the Communications and Media Commission, Dr. Ali Al-Moayad, called on all media institutions to play national role in supporting the electoral experience and strengthening democracy in the country.

Dr. Al-Moayad stated that the committee created a central operations room that will be responsible for following up and monitoring media institutions and their compliance with applicable laws and instructions during electoral silence and days of private and public voting.

He stressed that media institutions have a national and social responsibility to support the electoral process and educate voters in the electoral mechanism. This includes voting locations and warn against any promotion or publication that supports a specific list or candidate during the period of electoral silence. In that case, it would be considered a violation of media broadcasting rules.

The Head of the Communications and Media Commission also indicated that the central operations room will work to facilitate the work of media institutions in the country. They will coordinate with the security services and the Election Commission to allow these institutions to carry out their work freely and smoothly.

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