CMC and ISC Meeting to Improve Business and Investment Literacy

The President of the Communications and Media Commission (CMC), Dr. Ali Al-Mouayed, hosted a meeting with Mr. Faisal Al-Hims, President of the Iraq Securities Commission (ISC), to discuss ways to improve the public’s literacy in the investment sphere, as this is a topic of shared significance between the commissions.

The attendees engaged in extensive discussions aimed that focused on the Iraq’s business landscape. With a primary focus on increasing trust in the domestic economy, the dialogue looked at strategies to strengthen the business sector.

Both parties agreed on sustaining open channels of communication between the commissions. This proactive approach seeks to pave the way to nurture the expansion and evolution of Iraq’s investment sphere. The envisioned utilization of the clearing system also featured prominently, aimed at propagating investment literacy through various public platforms, including radio and broadcast channels operating across the nation.

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