Campaigners at Babylon University call for an end to violence against women

In Babylon University, campaigners could be seen distributing leaflets promoting a nationwide campaign against violence towards women.

Speaking to the Iraq International News Agency on the topic, civil rights activist Saroud Muhammad said: “This year’s non-violence activities aim to highlight that the rights of girls under eighteen years of age.”

Calls have been made for a national effor to reduce domestic violence, with solutions including the establishment of educational workshops highlighting the immorality of such practices, in addition to enacting a stricter law and deterrent punishment.

Donia Saeed, a postgraduate student, said: “Our role as students participating in the Second National Conference of Non-Violence within the activities of 16 Days of Non-Violence lies in reducing the phenomenon of violence against women, as many girls resort to courts because of their exposure to violence, especially young and underage girls.”

In an interview with the community police, Brigadier General Adel Al-Anawi, the official spokesman, said: “The community police, represented by the Ministry of the Interior, work to combat violence in all its forms against women and society in general, and work to preserve the family entity and prevent it from disintegrating, as it is the nucleus of society.” furthermore, he added that “the plan prepared for the community police through the Center for Strategic Studies and Research and the National Advisory Center is the national peace plan to maintain security and community peace.”

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