Campaign to Clean Waste Dumped in the Tigris River

The Tigris River, one of the most important rivers in the world, faces great issues of pollution due to waste. As Iraqi cities are developing and growing its population, there is a dangerous amount of waste dumped in the Tigris River. The issue lies in the lack of awareness of the population as the Tigris needs to be kept clean for the sake of the environment. This causes the water to be contaminated leading to a negative impact on the aquatic life and quality of water for drinking.

The Baghdad Municipality is working on cleaning the river by removing all solid wastes dumped on shore or in the river. Their mission is to purify the water and educate the Iraqi citizens on pollution and prevention of waste dumping.

This campaign reflects Iraq’s commitment to fostering a more sustainable lifestyle and enhancing education on preserving its most vital river. With increased awareness of the associated risks, there is potential for greater cleanliness of the Tigris River, leading to a safer environment for the aquatic and surrounding wildlife.

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