Baghdad's 13th International Flower Festival

The 13th International Flower Festival was recently held in Baghdad, featuring the participation of numerous Arab and foreign countries.

Hosted within the Al-Zawraa Grand Park, this annual event, organised under the patronage of the Prime Minister and overseen by the Capital Secretariat, graces the city’s mid-April calendar with five days of floral splendour. Drawing crowds of Baghdad residents, the festival has become a cherished tradition, offering an array of blooms and plants to admire.

Entry to the Flower Festival.

This year witnessed a notable turnout, boosted by a diverse range of activities and an abundance of blossoms. Benefitting from Baghdad’s current security stability and the temperate climate of the season, citizens enthusiastically engaged in literary, cultural, and artisanal displays, alongside theatrical performances, children’s workshops, and guided tours of heritage sites.

Participant taking pictures of fireworks at the Flower Festival.

Among the most important countries that participated in the festival were Germany, the Netherlands, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iran.

Highlighting indigenous Iraqi species such as Razqi, Carnation, Hanak Al-Saba, Baghdad Flower, and Al-Jaafari, alongside imported varieties, the festival showcased a rich tapestry of floral diversity. Beyond the botanical exhibits, visitors were afforded the tranquility of a specially curated contemplative garden, filled with unique designs, towering trees, and carefully arranged stones.

People gathering to see the flowers.

In essence, Baghdad’s International Flower Festival continues to thrive as a symbol of nature’s abundance, cultural exchange, and communal unity. The Flower Festival is one of six events related to Baghdad’s designation as a UNESCO City of Literature in 2015. 


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