Advanced Care Coming Soon: Al-Zaki Hospital

The Ministry of Planning announced the ongoing construction of the Al-Zaki Specialised Hospital in Babylon Province, is currently more than halfway through being completed. This 230-bed facility, includes a main building with a basement, a three-story structure, and a six-floor annex. It features emergency units, outpatient clinics for men and women, eight operating rooms, specialised radiology systems, and clinics for various medical fields.

Specialized teams visited the site to monitor progress and address any obstacles to expedite completion, aiming for an end-of-2025 finish. The hospital’s advanced infrastructure includes systems for sample transfer, medical waste recycling, air conditioning, fire safety, and more.

This project is part of Iraq’s commitment to enhancing healthcare services, improving medical, health, and advisory services for Babylon Province and the country. The Ministry of Planning oversees such infrastructure projects to ensure quality healthcare for all citizens.

Source: Ministry of Planning 

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