6000 artifacts return to Iraq from British Museum

Announced by Iraq’s president as the second biggest repatriation project in Iraq’s history, 6000 artifacts dating back to different stages of the history of Iraq’s civilizations were returned following a loan to the United Kingdom in 1923 for a period of (100) years for the purposes of study and research.

Durin a press conference held in Baghdad International Airport, Iraq’s Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Dr. Ahmed Fakak Al-Badrani expressed his thanks to the Iraqi Ambassador to Britain Jaafar Al-Sadr, the British Embassy in Baghdad, the Director General of British Museums and the Chairman of the Antiquities and Heritage Authority, Dr. Laith Majeed, for their efforts in the initiative. 

It is noteworthy that the recovery of the antiquities came on the sidelines of the Iraqi President’s visit to the United Kingdom to attend the coronation ceremony of King Charles III, where the President of the Republic decided to return the artifacts from London to Baghdad during his return to the country after the conclusion of his visit to Britain.

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